Together with FWC Build #ToiletUntukSemua
Clean Toilets, Create Smart Children.

FWC is a sanitation company aiming to create a healthier and smarter Indonesian generation by providing accessible, affordable, and best quality sanitation products.

FWC starts by producing toilets manually and selling them to areas that have limited access to clean toilets. Today, FWC has depots spread across 22 provinces to expand the penetration of toilet access throughout Indonesia



FWC believes in the future,

The future where children can fulfill their dreams
The future where children can grow to fulfill their potential.

We believe in starting at home,
A home that can provide the basic human needs to grow.

We believe we can play our part,
To make sure that everyone has better sanitation
To make sure that one day our future kids do not know the word stunting because it is extinct.

We believe this is a big mission,
A big mission that we cannot do on our own
We need to work together for one mission: #ToiletForEveryone #ToiletUntukSemua


FWC commits to create high quality products.

We make sure that every product is durable.

We Can't Work Alone,
We Need Your Help

We need your help to free Indonesian children from stunting by providing access to well and clean sanitation.